2021's New Years Resolutions

Mon 28 Dec 2020

Last year I've posted my new years resolutions here. It's time to do a little retro on this and setup new goals for 2021.

My 2020 goals

What worked?

Work hard, play hard. This worked out quite the way I intended. It is a hard goal to measure. What I can conclude is that I've been giving it my all. Sometimes this worked out, sometimes it didn't but the intention nonetheless was pure.

Be my best positive self. It has been a very trying year. On a personal as professional note. There are moments that I am not proud of for sure but at the same time I think I would do it over exactly as how I handled those situations.

Release my project MVP. This has happened! We launched GamersGalaxy. I am super proud of this project and 2021 will be the year where we push this to market.

Personal development. This has also happened. However. I will be dropping my statement on developing or contributing open-source code to Laravel. This for the sole reason that the BDFL Taylor Otwell has build up an very notorious reputation when it comes to contributers contributing very good suggestions of fixes to known problems.

Personal health. I've done some. I've tried. I've failed to be consistent. This will remain for the coming year to be a goal.

Now. Let's set some new goals for the coming year.

Contribute code, regularly

I want to contribute code to the Laminas or Doctrine project. The goal is to contribute regularly. I want to be able to present a list of problems solved or issues where I added value. Be it in comments, reviewing or adding code to solve it. These projects are awesome. They really put something different out there that I support.

Write more on this blog

I've had my fair share of interesting issues I had to work through. Mostly Laravel based. Next year I really need to take time to write stuff down. It is a good way to retro on the work that I've done.

Push GamersGalaxy to be a thriving community

This year will be about pushing GamersGalaxy to be an actual community. We need members to do this. Roadmap is to eventually create different countries but we also need a reality check. We can create all the features we want, we need a solid foundation first.

Home automation

We just bought a house. It is great. We are going to implement a lot of nifty home automation products to it. Most things are programmable and I will be writing some software myself to drive most of these things. I will make this and write about it here. The choices I made, why I made them, what I've written.

Personal health

This point will remain practically the same. I've tried my best but did not manage this year. A new year, a new shot at this.

This really concludes my points for 2021. Let's recap next year to see what I've managed to do. Did you set yourself some goals? It is always good to do so.